So, Dawn, you know something about these word things, huh?

Yup. I’m an independent author, with one novel published and book two in the works. I’ve also published poetry (which got included in a “Best of” anthology!) and magazine and newspaper articles.

That’s nice. Do you have any other qualifications?

I have a Certificate in Editing from the University of Chicago Graham School, and attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 1999. I’ve been writing pretty much my whole life, and editing professionally for the last four years. I’ve also been a judge for the Independent Publishers of New England annual book awards.

My science credentials are a BS in Biology from Stanford University and an MS in Biochemistry from UCLA. I’ve done (anonymous) science blogging through Upwork. I also currently do freelance editing for scientists looking to submit manuscripts to various research journals. I’ve edited a fantasy novel that has since been published, and helped other writers with various works-in-progress. All told, that’s around half a million words.

Can you show me some of this stuff you’ve done?

Sure, check out my portfolio.

Do you work on…

Probably. Contact me and we’ll discuss it!

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